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Craig Rubenstein DC, DACBN, CCN

Concussion Helpline

33 W. 46th Street
New York, NY 10036


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Concussion Lecture

Creatine and Concussion

Concussion Care


“How does an active, world traveler who found herself almost confined to the house because she could not stand long enough to walk any place or even apply makeup because of the unbearable pain, sit down and talk about the person she considers saved her life or at least the “quality of Life” she enjoys.  This is especially important when you consider the fact that my family and other loved ones had become resigned to the idea of pushing me around in a wheelchair for the rest of my life................a wheelchair!

To be perfectly honest, I knew nothing about chiropractors and alternative medicine and, at best was dubious about their capabilities, fool that I was.  Friends noting my condition highly recommended him and I had to make at least one visit, Thank God for good friends!  Impressed with his extensive verbal, written and physical examination before he would accept me as a patient, I never turned back.

Dr. Rubenstein warned me that it would not be easy and would take a long time; therefore I must be patient.  This was true but the benefits: I walk, travel, dance and even in moderation, wear high-heeled shoes (smile) comfortably.

The huge surprise was the additional benefit of being his patient.  He always asks about my general health so when I complained of a continual sinus problem, I was admonished for not speaking of it before.  He proceeded to make adjustments, which alleviated the problem.  This behavior has been an ongoing process with problems I haven’t associated with his practice.

The most outstanding “associated problem: which went from my dental implant specialist through four other specialists including among them, a neurologist, eye specialist, a visit to NYU, Cornell and also MRD with no success and also a great expense until I mentioned it to Dr. Rubenstein.  He gave me a “look”.  Needless to say, he made adjustments, which finally gave me relief!!!!!

I know this sounds incredible.  Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by it.  There just aren’t words to ever adequately express my high regard for Dr. Rubenstein.

Most Sincerely,

Dorothy Jackson


“I had been going to doctors for some time because I often felt as if the floor was moving up and down as I walked.  I had gone to my general practitioner, an ear, nose and throat doctor, and a neurologist.  Nothing was ever found to be wrong with me.  I was put on various courses of medications (e.g., steroids, sinus medication) but the drugs did not help.  I found Dr. Rubenstein on my health insurance website and decided to give an alternative approach a try.  Within several weeks the feeling became less frequent and within several months it was gone altogether.  Since I have been seeing him I have not had the flu or bronchitis (which both used to plague me at least once a year) and have not needed any prescription medication for any other ailment.  He is my first line of defense for health issues now.

Ellen Urell, NYC


I am writing to thank Dr. Rubenstein, thanks to his care I am living itch-free again after 5 long years. Who would have thought that I was allergic to Soy! (and all those other things he found). I find it amazing that all the dermatologists I saw for my eczema (and I saw many) would only think of prescribing different topical ointments. The common suggested I might be having an allergic reaction. How wrong they were.

Thanks for figuring it out.

Etieene Boillot, NY NY


“After working 4 days at the US Open, I began to have the worst episode of low back pain I have ever had.  The pain was still there after 2 weeks; it would not go away.

I decided to see Dr. Rubenstein.  By the 6th visit, I was 90% better and now back to exercising and playing some golf”.

George Klouda, Blue Ridge Resident


It’s as simple as this. I was in pain and now I am not. My hip socket was jammed and despite reservations from well-meaning outside parties (and a few of my own) I knew that this was not something for a mainstream MD. I needed a good yank. My own reservations were based on some past experiences with chiropractors.

Dr. Rubenstein, however, is also a naturopathic physician with both the know how and equally as important, the ethical standards to do the right thing. On my initial visits, he did not give the requisite “Yank” that I was expecting. He knew that my body was not ready for that. Instead he employed various methods of muscle testing, muscle balancing and used an instrument called a percussor. It was not an overnight process (what legitimate thing is?). There was certainly no mention of surgery at any point. As I said, I was in pain and now I am not!

Lynne Adams


After being Craig’s client for many years, I can’t imagine dealing with ant health problem without his help and insight. I seek his treatment for everything from a backache to the flu.

But Craig Rubenstein is not just a medical provider-he’s a healer. His curative methods, holistic perspective, willingness to listen, and respectful attitude stands in stark opposition to the MDs that I know.

Further, Craig has an indomitable spirit and sense of humor; he’s a pleasure to be around.

Diane Rubino NYC, NY


“After a month of lower back pain that went into my buttocks, I decided to see Dr. Rubenstein.  I started to improve after just one visit and after 6 visits I was nearly 100% better.  I am even back on the golf course!”

Sol Kurek, Blue Ridge resident


“I was referred to Dr. Rubenstein by a physical trainer.  During the course of my gym workouts I began experiencing stiffness in my back.  X-rays revealed (3) fused vertebrate of the spine.  Dr. Rubenstein began a series of treatments that were designed to align my spine and provide better flexibility to my neck and back muscles.  Within 6 sessions there was a significant improvement in my flexibility and I stopped experiencing back problems both during and after my workouts.  In addition to his Chiropractic skills Dr. Rubenstein provided me with a sensible diet and vitamin & mineral supplements that have helped me to keep my weight, cholesterol and blood pressure under control.  His skills have helped me tremendously and I highly recommend his services”.

Thomas Mueller,NYC


“How wonderful to speak with you the other day!!!   It certainly brought back fond memories of our care and treatment for my son, Ryan, all those many years ago.  When I think of how sick he was as a young boy and how you not only changed his life, but also, quite frankly, saved his life, I will be forever grateful.  Your diagnosis, expertise and sincere concern for his well-being and health is something I will never forget and is the reason I strongly (and constantly!!) recommend you.

Again, it was a pleasure to have that little “chat” with you and I appreciate and thank you for all that you did for my family”.

Maryann McGrath,   Brooklyn,  NY